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Salaar team rightly decided on the release date

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Salaar’s team rightly decided on the release date. It is widely known that the pan-Indian film Salaar, starring Prabhas and directed by Prashanth Neel, will be released on December 22nd. Before fixing this date, the makers of Salaar had thought of multiple dates for the release. But in the end, the Salaar team rightly decided on the release date. 

It is widely known that Salaar was supposed to be released on September 28th but was delayed due to some unfinished work. After announcing the postponement, the Salaar team considered three options for releasing their film. The three options were Diwali weekend, Christmas, and Sankranthi seasons.

Sankranthi is the wrong release date for a film like Salaar, as multiple films are announced for the exact date. Though a few may postpone if Salaar comes on Sankranthi, the film must have a competition release with other movies, especially in South India and Telugu states.

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The producers want a record release in south India, which is impossible if they release the film for Sankranthi. Coming to Diwali weekend, we have seen how the recent World Cup affected the movies. Even the films that got positive reviews faced huge effects and posted ordinary numbers on the festival weekend.

Also, there are many holidays in the period, excluding Diwali day. It is an arid period. Salaar’s team perfectly locked the December 22nd date as there is no competition for the film in Telugu and South India, so that the movie will have a record release in North India. There is a big competition in the form of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki, but it may not affect Salaar as in North India, the movies will have a long run, unlike South India.

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Also, from 22nd December to 1st January, there are 11 days with multiple holidays, so that the movie can post extraordinary numbers with a continuous holiday period.

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