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Prasanna Vadanam Movie review: An out of box thriller

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Movie: Prasanna Vadanam
Rating: 3/5
Cast:  Suhas, Payal Radhakrishna, Rashi Singh, Viva Harsha, Nitin Prasanna
Director: Parasuram
Produced By:  Arjun Y K
Release Date: May 3rd, 2024

In an extremely short period, Suhas has carved a name for himself in Tollywood for attempting unique films with varying genres. While some films have managed to impress, others fell flat. But admirably, that has not stopped the young actor from acting in movies with fresh concepts. This week he is featured in another unique film titled ‘Prasanna Vadanam’. The film explores a unique medical condition and has created some curiosity with its trailer. Let’s find out if it manages to give the audience the thrills.


Surya, a Radio RJ, is involved in a severe accident, which results in him developing a rare condition called Prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness. As a result, he struggles to recognize the faces of those around him. One day, he witnesses the horrific murder of a young girl and reports it to the authorities, only to find himself entangled in the case. With no other options left, he seeks help from the top police officer, Vaidehi. However, the situation takes a turn for the worse as multiple charges are brought against Surya. The remainder of the story follows Surya’s journey to prove his innocence with the support of his girlfriend, Adhya.


Suhas, renowned for his versatile characters, has been given a tailor-made role in Prasanna Vadanam. Due to the unique disease of his character, he had ample opportunity to showcase his exceptional talent in the film, and Suhas surpassed all expectations. His performance in the second half is awe-inspiring and captivates the audience until the very end. Nithin Prasanna, previously seen in Ambajipeta Marriage Band, delivers yet another reliable performance. The various shades he portrays in his acting are truly impressive. Rashi Singh, who played the role of the top cop, performs decently. Viva Harsha’s performance is satisfactory, as is Payal Radhakrishna’s.

Technical Elements

Vijay Bulganin is the composer of the film’s music, and his songs are rather average. None of the songs resonate with the audience, but the background score is notably impressive. The sound design effectively enhances the overall experience and is crafted sophisticatedly. The camera work is decent, considering the budget constraints. The production values are satisfactory, without any standout elements. The editing is flawless, ensuring a concise and focused narrative.

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  • Suhas
  • Pre and post interval episodes
  • Climax setup


  • Dragged feel in the latter half
  • Music
  • Routine backstory


The making of thriller films is a significant challenge for any writer-director. However, newcomer Arjun YK has opted for a storyline involving face blindness, a fresh concept for Telugu cinema. This unique choice adds an element of intrigue to Prasanna Vadanam. The film begins engagingly, with director Arjun swiftly delving into the central conflict. While the heroine’s introduction leads to a regular love track, this phase eventually passes, piquing the audience’s interest once again. Following the occurrence of the crime, attention shifts to the police and their approach to the case. Director Arjun’s masterful introduction of a major twist is both brilliant and unforeseen. However, as the director unveils the perpetrator behind the murder, challenges arise in managing the narrative flow.

Afterward, the proceedings start to drag and lose their excitement. Moreover, the motive behind the murderer’s actions is not convincingly portrayed. Additionally, Suhas’ behavior in the second half appears peculiar. Given his face blindness, the director could have incorporated more dramatic elements and utilized visual effects. Still, unfortunately, this does not occur, resulting in a slow progression until the pre-climax. Director Arjun demonstrates potential and effectively narrates the film for the most part. However, there are excessive cinematic liberties taken and a lack of emotional depth, which are some of the drawbacks. Prasanna Vadanam has its fair share of engaging moments that capture your attention. Nevertheless, one must be prepared for the storyline’s slow pace and shallow exploration.

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