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Om Bheem Bush review : Horror comedy with some bright moments

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Movie: Om Bheem Bush
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Preethi Mukundhan, Ayesha Khan, Srikanth Iyengar
Director: Sree Harsha
Produced By: Sunil Balusu
Release Date: March 22nd, 2024

The blockbuster trio Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna are back once again with a comedy entertainer Om Bheem Bush. The team succeeded in registering the film to the audience in a short span through some quirky promotions and a fun trailer. From the first look itself the team is portraying the movie as NO LOGIC ONLY MAGIC. Let’s dive into a detailed review and see if the movie has enough to create waves at the Tollywood box office.


Krishna Kanth (Sree Vishnu), Vinay (Priyadarshi), and Madhav (Rahul Ramakrishna) are three friends and refer to themselves as scientists. They decide to earn money in Bhairavapuram village using their tricks and refer to themselves as people who can solve any problem of the villagers. What kind of complications this pushes them into and how they face the obstacles through a series of confusions and hilarious episodes is what the story follows.

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The basic premise of Om Bheem Bush is quite simple and the actual fun lies in some crazy writing and the performances of the trio of Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna. The three share a great chemistry on screen and continue from where they left in Brochevaruevarura. Srikanth Iyengar, Racha Ravi and Ayesha Khan did a great job and in terms of performances and character portrayals.


  • Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna’s performance
  • Fresh plot
  • Horror Comedy blocks in 2nd Half


  • Songs
  • Climax
  • Unconvincing emotional scenes


Om Bheem Bush is a great concept on paper and starts of well and promises a lot in the initial parts. However, as the movie nears its end, the wafer-thin screenplay, weak character arcs, and illogical sequences may bother some. The movie is salvaged due to its freshness and the performances of the leading trio. Sree Harsha has managed to create an engaging movie with a deeper meaning by deftly combining comedy, horror, and emotions.

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Om Bheem Bush Movie Verdict:

Om Bheem Bush is an enjoyable movie with some genuinely funny moments. While it has its flaws and loopholes, it surely can be watched as a light weekend entertainer. Telugu audiences who were seeking some freshness in terms of concepts have something to watch out for with his comedy entertainer.

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