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Gaami Movie Review – Unique and Ambitious but..

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Movie: Gaami
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast:  Vishwak Sen, Chandini Chowdary, Abhinaya, Mohammed Samad, Harika Pedda
Director: Vidyadhar Kagita
Produced By: Karthik Sabareesh, Swetha Moravaneni
Release Date: March 8th, 2024

Vishwak Sen unveils a completely different dimension in his role selection with Gaami. With his last outing as a lead role not making much noise, he is banking heavily on this film. Chandini Chowdary and Abhinaya are playing prominent roles. Getting into the details:


There are three stories parallelly run in which Shankar (Vishwak Sen) suffers from a strange disease where a simple human touch causes his heart to stop beating for a brief period. He tends to find a solution to his problem by digging back into his origins. A young patient/prisoner (Mohammed Samad) is tortured in the name of experiments and he sets on his journey of breaking out of prison. A girl child, Uma (Harika Pedda) living away from her mother (Abhinaya) yearns for her missing motherly love. Though the three tracks are distinct, at least visually from each other and have no absolute connections, Shankar keeps getting visions of the other two at times. Why he is getting those, how they are connected, and how they succeed in their missions form the rest of the story.


Vishwak Sen has limited screen time in this mysterious visual extravaganza as the story needs the other two tracks to simultaneously unveil their ends of the threads. But the determination and conviction are evident and he has done full justice to the role he was given.

Abhinaya has given a fantastic performance as a mother and a Devadasi and her backstory and conversations will make your heart warm.

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Chandini Chowdary, as a doctor helping Shankar reach his destination played a key role but didn’t have much scope to showcase her acting skills.

Mohammed Samad as a patient being tortured gave a sincere performance and the hard work is evident from the gruesome scenes he has to be part of.

The show-stealer would be the girl child, Harika Pedda, who gave a masterclass performance in her role as Uma, emoting naturally, and the conversations involving her have a definite Midas touch.


  • Breathtaking Visuals
  • Background Score
  • Lead Actors’s performances


  • The never-ending length of the film
  • Physics-defying sequences
  • Flat narration/Screenplay


Gaami is one of the rare technical gems the Telugu film Industry must have produced. The director and the whole technical team need to be highly commended for the kind of product they delivered. Especially the visuals and the background score work out in a supreme fashion giving you a hint of the efforts involved in the making of the film. The actors’s performances, especially that of the little child and the teenager, give away the conviction with which the director committed himself and the rest of the cast to the story.

Having mentioned the above details, the movie suffers heavily from the drag throughout the film with only the climax revealing the crux of the story. Till that point, you wouldn’t have a clue of what in the world is happening in the movie. Though the thought of keeping the audience in suspense works in general, it cannot hold the interest for a good two hours which is the case with Gaami. The director introduces the characters swiftly when the movie starts, along with their struggles in their journeys but the suspense never ends, and you, as the audience lose it after a point.

Despite stunning visuals, particularly given the budget constraints, the film’s narrative falters. The pacing feels uneven due to excessive length and intercut storylines. The lion sequence, though visually impressive, ultimately feels like a VFX showcase rather than a plot point. The film has some logical overlooks, particularly during Shankar’s journey in the Himalayas, that are not easy to ignore. The technical achievements are commendable, but the screenplay weakens the overall experience.

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Gaami Movie Verdict:

Gaami is a visually stunning adventure with a captivating story, but its pacing might not be for everyone. The film boasts breathtaking visuals and a powerful score, while the narrative takes center stage, driving the experience. However, the majority of the audience will find the slow stretches and extended adventure elements to be a drag. If you can overlook this, Gaami offers a unique and immersive big-screen experience

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