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Gaami Trailer: Telugu Cinema Poised for Another Proud Moment

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Gaami Trailer: Telugu Cinema Poised for Another Proud Moment

A few days ago, no one had any clue about Vishwak Sen’s Gaami. The movie started about 6–7 years ago. Vishwak Sen Gangs of Godavari announces for March 8th But the movie was postponed, and he brought Gaami to the date. And started promotions with posters and glimpses, which started creating a good buzz about the movie.

Today Gaami trailer was released. It was spellbindingly brilliant, technically brilliant, with excellent cuts, high-standard visuals, and music. It promises a never-before-seen experience for audiences, with an adventurous journey. It promises another proud film coming from Telugu cinema.

The movie story revolves around a man with a human touch disorder who tried to become free through an adventurous journey. He must get rid of the problem to live the rest of his life with humans. He then decides to go to the Himalayas and find a flower that comes once every 36 years to cure his problem.

What are the problems faced in this journey? is the story of Gaami. With the story of Vishwak Sen, there are another two stories that are running parallel. One story is of a Devadasi. And another is of a poisoned person. 

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The Gaami Movie Trailer looks interesting, but the opening was somewhat dull. As time progressed, it became interesting and engaging, but it seems that many plot points were revealed in the trailer, which may lose interest in watching the movie.

Due to revealing too much information, we may expect many twists according to the screenplay. But we also don’t know if there are any other exciting points or plot twists in this movie. 

This movie can be a blockbuster and a disaster at the same time. This story line can be engaging or boring. We have to wait and watch to see if this movie works on the big screen.

However, Vishwak Sen got a good chance to prove his acting skills, and Satyadev plays a crucial role in this movie. 

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Here is the Trailer of Gaami

Cast: Vishwak Sen, Chandini Chowdary, M. G. Abhinaya, Harika Pedada, and Mohammad Samad
Technical Crew:-
Director: Vidyadhar Kagita
Producer: Karthik Sabareesh
Presents by: V Celluloid
Screenplay: Vidyadhar Kagita, Pratyush Vatyam
Production Design: Pravalya Duddupudi
Editor: Raghavendra Thirun
Music: Naresh Kumaran, Sweekar Agasthi
DOP: Vishwanath Reddy
Co-DOP: Rampy Nandigam
VFX Supervisor: Sunil Raju Chinta
Costume Design: Anusha Punjala, Rekha Boggarapu
Colorist: Vishnu Vardhan K
Sound design: Sync Cinemas
Action Choreographer: Wing Chun Anji
Songs: Naresh Kumaran, Sweekar Agasthi
Lyrics: Sanapati Bharadwaj Patrudu, Shree Mani
PRO:- Vamshi-Shekar
Marketing: First Show

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