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Tillu Square Movie Review – As Hilarious as the Predecessor

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Movie: Tillu Square
Rating: 3/5
Cast:  Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Anupama Parameswaran, Muralidhar Goud, Prince Cecil, Murali Sharma
Director: Mallik Ram
Produced By: SuryaDevara Naga Vamsi, Sai Soujanya
Release Date: March 29th, 2024

After creating a cultural impact a couple of years ago with DJ Tillu, Sidhu Jonnalagadda returns with Tillu Square, a sequel to the original, pairing with Anupama. With a few changes like the director and the Lead Actress, the core team returns to entertain us again. Getting into the details:


DJ Tillu, after successfully evading Radhika’s trap in the first part sets on his joyful journey as Event Manager under DJ Tillu Events. Following the prequel’s footsteps, Tillu falls again to a woman (Lily, played by Anupama) with hidden intentions. How Tillu gets himself out of the trap set by Lily forms the rest of the story.


Sidhu Jonnalagadda kills it in his iconic DJ Tillu’s role similar to the first part or does even better in the sequel. The ease with which he uttered the one-liners throughout the film is remarkable. The graph seems to be only rising with each film of his.

Anupama gets a meaty role as a woman with ulterior motives and delivers it neatly.

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Prince Cecil does an extension to his role from the first part and has limited space to perform.

Murali Sharma has done a typical Don role with not much weight.

Muralidhar Goud who plays the father does a tremendous job matching up to Sidhu Jonnalagadda in multiple scenes.


  • Sidhu’s One-Liners
  • Background Score
  • Comedy


  • Songs
  • Superficial Action Scenes.
  • Redundant comic scenes


As mentioned above, DJ Tillu is an iconic character among the younger generation with the one-liners hitting it out of the park in the first part. The sequel does it even better. Though the story doesn’t hook the audience’s attention at times, Sidhu’s dialogues come to the rescue and lift the whole mood. The BGM is apt, especially in the first half where most of the comedy works out. The first 45 minutes were a rollercoaster ride with the one-liners working at almost 100 strike rate.

The movie suffers though, from the hangover of the first part in terms of songs and the trap setup. The action sequences are superficial, making it a little difficult for the watcher to realize that this film is just a light-hearted entertainer.

Editing was a little too crisp in the first half not allowing a few scenes to complete before switching to the next and suffering the other way around with a few scenes dragging out in the second half.

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Except for the title song, reminiscent of the first part, Music as a whole with two songs is just passable.

Production values seem to be on the par level considering the budget involved.

Tillu Square Movie Verdict:

Tillu Square as a whole, succeeds in entertaining throughout the film, especially with the one-liners. Though the action sequences take a hit, Sidhu’s energetic performance and one-liners lift the movie completely giving you a hilarious ride. Go, watch it over the weekend with your friends.

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