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Promotions can end Salaar postponement rumors

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The Promotions can end Salaar postponement rumors. It is widely known that in the past few days, the pan-Indian film of Prabhas, Salaar, faced multiple rumors about its release date. It has become daily as rumors have been trending on social media that the movie will be postponed. Only the promotions can end Salaar postponement rumors.

Every day, there is a new set of rumors that some reasons are cited for the film’s postponements. The reasons like reshoots, business issues, and other rumors have continuously appeared on social media. The movie makers denied the stories, and they were proven as baseless as they confirmed the release date again with a new post on social media.

But it can not end rumors; only aggressive promotions can put an end card to all the rumors. Until the team starts aggressive promotions, the rumors will continue to come and grow even more when the release date gets closer.

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As the festival of lights, Diwali is approaching, the fans of Prabhas and audiences are waiting for some updates from the makers of Salaar. 

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