Pia Bajpiee’s heartbreaking tweet as she loses her brother to Covid

The Covid second wave has taken a horrific turn. This year people are facing an additional challenge along with Covid. The challenge of providing their loved ones with the best medical infrastructure. With facilities in rarity, even the influential ones are struggling to support their loved ones. Something similar happened with actress Pia Bajpiee.

The ‘Rangam’ actress a few days back had posted a requirement for a bed in hospital with ventilator for her brother. Her brother had contracted Covid and needed immediate support. Pia tried her best to arrange for a bed and ventilator for her brother and posted multiple tweets tagging influential individuals to no avail.

She shocked her followers when she later posted that her brother had succumbed to Corona. “my brother is no more”, Tweeted Pia, shocking everyone at once.

Incidentally, Pia over the past few days has been trying to help the needy by amplifying their messages. She was regularly Tweeting about availability of facilities and requirements of various patients.