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Nani movie Ante Sundaraniki running in deficits

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Huge losses to Mythri movie makers for Ante Sundaraniki.

Ante Sundaram has turned out to be a huge disaster after the below-par weekend, the movie completely collapses on weekdays and most of the theatres running in deficits and a lot of theatres have removed the movie in their theatres on Thursdays.

The recent release of Natural star Nani’s film Ante Sundaraniki is indeed a good film. But it fails to draw the attention of the audience. Director Vivek Athreya’s directorial skills, Nani’s previous hit Shyam Singha Roy, and the Cute diva Nazria craze none of them helped the film to be a clean hit. Not even the presence of Pawan Kalyan at the pre-release event.

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The people who already watched the film tells that it’s a good film, the comedy timings and production values are very good. But that’s not helping the film to drag the audience to theatres. The reason behind this is that the people are not interested in such small films like Ante. Of course, Nani has a huge following of all different ages. But after they have seen such magnanimous entertained films like Bahubali, RRR, Sarkaaru vari data etc.., the audiences are not expecting such normal comedy films. They want something very interesting. The recent biggies like VIKRAM and MAJOR films succeed in achieving the expectations of the audience. Another reason was the early OTT streaming’s of the same films only 4 weeks after their theatrical release. This will damage the films like it.

The ticket rates issue also irritated some movie lovers. Normal people don’t want to waste their money as the prices of all things were increasing. They are waiting for the reviews of films, if reviews are good then they are ready to invest in such films. If reviews are not good they are not showing any interest in it. Not even the promotions would help such a film to be a hit at box office.

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