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Gurthunda Seethakalam movie review: An unimpressive mocktail

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Movie: Gurthunda Seethakalam
Rating: 2/5
Cast: Satyadev, Tamannah, Megha Akash, Kavya Shetty, Suhasini, Priyadarshe
Director: Nagasekhar
Produced By: Nagasekhar, Ramarao Chintapall, Bhavana Ravi
Release Date: 9th December 2022

After dabbling with a few off-beat subjects, promising actor Satyadev has come up with a romantic drama Gurthunda Seethakalam. The casting of the movie is quite unique and the trailer featured good visuals. Tamannah’s presence is another massive advantage for the film. Let’s see if this remake of the Kannada hit Love Mocktail by Nagasekhar has impressed the audience.

Story: Dev (Satyadev) meets Divya (Megha Akash) on a road trip. This chance encounter develops into a friendship and Divya asks Dev about his past romantic encounters. Reluctant at first, Dev narrates his experiences with Amulya (Kavya Shetty) and Nidhi (Tamannah). What happened in those relationships and what’s going to happen with Dev next is what the movie explores

Performances: Satyadev is solid as ever and delivers a good performance as a romantic guy with an interesting past. Despite his brooding looks, he fits the role well and shines in romantic segments of the movie. Megha Akash is fine as Divya and her role takes the movie ahead. Kavya Shetty as a rich possessive girl has got a stereotypical role and has nothing special to do. Tamannah, on the other hand, lights up the screen with her presence and has added great substance to the film. She is great in climax emotional scenes and looks effortless throughout. Priyadarshe has got the routine role of hero’s friend and does a passable job.

Analysis: Gurthunda Seetakalam is a typical coming of the age love story tracking the protagonists’ journey through various stages of life. We have seen several movies in Tollywood of this genre and barring a few moments, the movie doesn’t provide anything new. Nagasekhar has adapted the film to suit Telugu sensibilities but the pace of the film and screenplay lets it down

Plus Points:

  • Satyadev and Tamannah
  • Visuals and locations
  • Some moments of romance
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Minus Points:

  • Screenplay
  • The slowness of the film
  • Casting
  • Movie could have been shortened


Love Mocktail mainly succeeded due to a relatively new cast and the freshness of the subject. The film’s biggest strength was the romantic scenes and their treatment. All these aspects are missing from Gurthunda Seethakalam. Barring the visuals and lead chemistry in parts, even hardcore lovers of romantic cinema might not find the movie to their taste.

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