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Corporate Bookings in Hindi Belts Reach 150 Crore Mark in 2023

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Corporate bookings are nothing but producers putting the money into buying their own tickets. The shows run empty but collections are recorded as packed shows. This has been happening in Bollywood for a long time and In 2023 the Hindi belt saw massive corporate bookings. According to the Bollywood trade, these numbers were phenomenal and were never seen before. 

As per estimates, around Rs 150 crore worth of corporate bookings happened in 2023 in total. While this is a rampant practice, it was not that every single movie indulged in corporate bookings. Majorly, it is said to be five big people who were involved in these corporate bookings. These 5 include top heroes and producers.

Bollywood trade has maintained silence for a major part of last year when this trend was rampant. But now, everyone has started exposing these things as the situation is getting worse. Rs 150Cr spent for corporate bookings is not a small thing. It directly means manipulating the box office numbers to score records or to declare their film doing well. Some films even did these bookings to the extent of Rs 40Cr alone which is shocking.

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Now we need to see if the trend continues this hard in 2024 as well or if it will stop considering the recent expose. Unfortunately, this trend is not limited to just Bollywood films, even south Indian movies are also indulging in this trend in Hindi belts.

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