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Are some Bollywood stars and producers really making 100Cr corporate bookings?

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In India, several film industries produce hundreds of movies annually. But the concept of corporate bookings is exclusive only to Bollywood. Corporate bookings refer to producers booking the tickets themselves. These tickets are given to various contest winners and employees by their employers.

Due to several people getting free tickets or tickets at a lower cost, the number of tickets booked is usually way higher than the number of people who watched the film. It is believed some Bollywood stars and production houses follow this practice to hype the bookings for the film. It creates some buzz around and people feel the need to book tickets as they are fast-filling helping the movie to put big box office numbers. Even the Bollywood industry insiders have admits this was happening.

Recently, Pranay Reddy Vanga said that Animal would have easily crossed the 1000Cr mark if they also followed corporate bookings. Animal has currently grossed around Rs 900Cr and he directly admitted that with corporate bookings even Animal would have achieved 1000 crores by now. This statement was quite shocking to hear for many. While it is a common practice, corporate bookings are not needed when film and stars have a real craze. The race for big numbers and new box-office records have created this unnecessary trend in Bollywood.

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