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Chiranjeevi turns his face On Koratala Siva in Krishna’s last rites

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Flops and hits are part and parcel of movie business. Successful directors and actors also deliver flops due to various reasons, some are within their control, but occasionally there might be reasons beyond one’s control. Hence, flop or hit is a team effort. However, Megastar Chiranjeevi is still mad at Koratala for the debacle of Acharya.

The movie became a double disaster, denting the box office stamina of Megastar. Its effect was seen on the collections of Godfather as well.

Chiranjeevi after Acharya’s box office failure has many times indirectly pointed figures at Koratala. When he was talking about movies in various events like Lal Singh Chaddha press meet, he went on to blame new age directors writing dialogues on sets. He insisted on receiving dialogues beforehand.

This is a legitimate concern for an actor, but coming after a disaster everyone thought the comments were about Koratala. In an interview with national media, Chiranjeevi said that he was bound by what the director had asked him to. That’s why Chiru claimed that Acharya result didn’t bother him much because he delivered what the director wanted.

Such statements are rarely made by superstars, but Chiranjeevi seems to be carrying hard feelings against Koratala siva. This again reflected in the funeral ceremony of Superstar Krishna. When Koratala came to console Mahesh Babu, Chiranjeevi turned his face to avoid looking at Koratala siva. His body language showed that there are no good terms with the Koratala. Such issues happened in the past as well, Nagarjuna also openly criticized about Veerabhadram Chowdary when his movie Bhai flopped. However, this kind of issues are better avoided. No one makes a flop movie risking career, to err is human.

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Superstars understanding this logic would avoid controversies and create an environment of harmony in the industry. Chiranjeevi appears to have issues with Koratala not accepting the suggestions he advised.

In Godfather promotions also, the team highlighted the valuable suggestions Chiranjeevi usually provide for the betterment. Some directors like Koratala might feel that such corrections are unnecessary intrusions in his work. This led to differences according to inside sources. Now Chiranjeevi wants to point out that Acharya result is to be blamed on director than on him or producers.

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