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Both Ram Charan and NTR fans are fighting for the Global star tag, but both of them are not

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Ever since RRR reached the western audience and was nominated for the international awards, both Mega and Nandamuri fandoms started fighting with each other saying only their Hero is global stars whereas other hero is not. But if we look into the reality, both the heroes Ram Charan and NTR are not deserved to be called as global stars as of now.

It is agreeable that they have got good fame with RRR, but their next movies are not international movies, and we will have to wait and watch to see whether those films will work Pan India wide or not.

The real global star is SS Rajamouli who got the total credit and recognition for RRR movie. And he is planning his next movie with Mahesh as an international movie in massive range and from now on, all his movies will be made as international movies only.

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SS Rajamouli’s film RRR, featuring Ram Charan and NTR, turned up as one of the massive blockbusters in 2022. The global film community acknowledged the film after it received rave reviews from its audience and quickly becoming a worldwide sensation. The film’s song Naatu Naatu also bagged an award at The Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

Naatu Naatu song also received a nomination for the Best Original Song category in the Oscars. It is nominated along with songs by Rihanna and Lady Gaga. The Academy also announced that Naatu Naatu will be performed live on the Oscars stage. Ever since the announcement was made, fans have been very excited.

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