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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 16: A fully emotional atmosphere at the nominations

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The contestants in the house were sorrowful about Shakeela being eliminated, and many of them felt Yawar should not have nominated her. Damini and Yawar had a small argument regarding the Kitchen work, while Priyanka was spotted talking about Yawar’s attitude. After that, the most important segment of the bigg boss, the nominations process had begun.

Sandeep and Shivaji were left out from the process as both were confirmed housemates. Priyanka was the first one to start the process and she nominated Prince Yawar and Gautam. Pallavi Prashanth nominated Tasty Teja, and Damini. During the process, Teja and Prashanth had a heated argument.

Shobha Shetty nominated Shubhashree and stated she was playing very safe game, and she is having good rapport with the other contestants. Shubhashree was not okay with the points and bigg boss instructed Shivaji to tell who was right in both of them. Shivaji told Shubha to agree as it ea part of the process. Shobha even nominated Rathika as well.

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Amardeep nominated Gautam, and Shubhashree, and she felt a bit emotional as the contestants have nominated by citing invalid reasons. Rathika nominated Shubhashree and Gautam. Tasty Teja nominated Pallavi Prashanth and both had a very aggressive argument for a while. Teja also nominated Gautam.

Prince Yawar nominated Priyanka and Damini, while Damini was very frustrated with the nominations process, and she nominated Prince Yawar, and both were involved in a heated argument. Damini also nominated Shubhashree. Gautam nominated Rathika and Amardeep. Shubhashree nominated Teja and Priyanka.

Shubhashree, Gautam, Priyanka, Damini, Rathika, Yawar, and Amardeep were the eight contestants who were nominated for the elimination. Shivaji and Sandeep saved Teja who was nominated and put Amardeep in his place.

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