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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 14: Nagarjuna analyses the game of contestants while Shivaji becomes the second confirmed housemate

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Like every weekend, Nagarjuna came to talk with the contestants. At first, he watched the previous day’s footage where Prince Yawar and Sandeep had an argument over the bed. Priyanka and Amardeep also were not okay with the attitude of Yawar.

Nagarjuna then announced the second housemate of the bigg boss 7th season. Shivaji was announced as the second housemate of this season. After that, Nagarjuna analyzed the game of the contestants through the King’s meter.

He appreciated Shivaji for his smartness, and he said the way in the Maya Astra task as a captain was commendable. But he said he should control his anger and should not comment against the bigg boss house’s rules. Nagarjuna also instructed him to play carefully as his battery will get affected as he has got the 4-week immunity.

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Thereafter, Nagarjuna praised Amardeep for his betterment in the game, but he said he should have been careful during the nominations process as he talked about irrelevant things. He also praised Shakeela but told her to not mention her age.

Nagarjuna praised Sandeep for his game but asked him to be careful with his Power Astra. He also stated that Shubhashree’s Idea to steal the Power Astra was good. He also said Priyanka that her game could improve more. Prashanth and Yawar were told by Nagarjuna to improve their game. He told Yawar to control his anger.

Nagarjuna said it was bad on the part of Gautam to make an allegation on Prince Yawar that he had taken steroids. He also stated that he failed as a captain in the task and instructed him to focus on his game. Also, he told Shobha, Shubhashree, Teja, Damini and Rathika to improve their game. Especially, he told Rathika to take care of her game and she should not play a single game when she represents a team.

While coming to the nominations, Amardeep was confirmed as safe while the others were still not confirmed and their status will be known tomorrow.

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