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Big or Small, Films Coming to OTT Within One Month

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The OTT releases of the recent movies have given great surprise for movie lovers. The films of late are arriving way too early on OTT and the gap between theatrical release and OTT release is way too small. Big or small, almost all films are coming on OTT platforms within one month.

Recently, Kalyan Ram’s Devil came on OTT in just two weeks. Venkatesh’s Saindhav arrived on OTT in just 3 weeks. Even a biggie like Salaar arrived on OTT in just 4 weeks. The same is the case with Guntur Kaaram which will release this Friday. All these films that released recently are making digital premieres either at sharp 4 weeks or even before.

Even now, pan India or big-budget films are streaming within 4 weeks and an exception is made only in the case of Hindi versions where makers are giving 8 8-week theatrical release window. This trend is very dangerous for upcoming movies as the films and theatres are suffering due to reduced audience interest, and limited repeat audiences. Audiences are thronging to theatres only in case of a very good word of mouth and If a film gets average or decent talk, then the audience is not showing any interest like older days.

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The early OTT streaming has led to a few films failure to attract audiences to theaters even with positive talk. Only Bollywood is following this strict 8-week rule without failure. All South Indian industries are just following 4 weeks or even shorter window.

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