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Pushpa 3: A Trump Card for Allu Arjun

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Pushpa 3 is said to be officially on. The idea is said to be initiated by Allu Arjun, as he does not want to end the franchise of Pushpa due to its pan-India appeal. Currently, Sukumar does not have any script for Pushpa 3. They just want to pave the way for Pushpa 3, which does not materialize immediately as well.

The shooting of Pushpa 2 is said to have been completed around 55 percent till now. The team plans to wrap up the entire shoot by June and wants to release it on August 15th. However, each schedule is being delayed due to Sukumar’s pursuit of perfection, making it impossible to meet this deadline. In the industry, there is a buzz that Pushpa 2 will not be released on August 15th. With this, only Nani’s film and some other films are eyeing this date.

Pushpa 3 is a trump card for Allu Arjun, as we are already seeing that many films of heroes working big at the pan-India level, but their immediate next films are not creating any impact. Allu Arjun wants to establish himself as a big pan-India star, and he is setting up the films for that purpose. His next films were signed with Atless and Sandeep Vanga, who have recently delivered huge pan-India blockbusters. Even if these films fail to work, he can bring Pushpa 3, as it is a franchise film that will have its own craze. If his films work after Pushpa 2 at the pan-India level, then Pushpa 3 will have even more craze. Anyway, Pushpa 3 is going to help him in a big way. The team is also very much interested in continuing the franchise

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