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YCP MP reveals AP government’s issue with Tollywood

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Tollywood vs AP Government is a battle that’s taking one sharp turn after another. Speaking on the issue, YCP MP Margani Bharat Ram stated the reason behind the government’s stance on this issue.

The government one hand is passing G.Os and using its machinery to target the theatres and the industry as a whole. Retaliating o this, Tollywood is approaching courts and even shutting down its theatres voluntarily in protest.

The YCP MP took to social media and said that Tollywood mainly functions out of Hyderabad and not in AP while almost 70% of revenue is generated from AP.

Over the last few days, the AP government has been conducting raids over theaters in the state and seizing them. The government claims that these theatres haven’t been adhering to the tickets rates established by them. 100s of theatres in protest of this move have started shutting down across the state.

The ticket price issue has been ongoing for quite some time. Despite multiple meetings between the two parties, a common ground hasn’t been established yet. Now with YCP MP Margani Bharat Ram’s statement, the intent of the government is clear.

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