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Atrangi Re review – A feel good drama with it’s share of clichés and inconsistencies

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Movie: Atrangi Re
Rating: 2.75/5
Cast: Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar
Director: Aanand L Rai
Streaming On: Disney+Hotstar
Release Date: 24th Dovember, 2021

Story: Vishu (Dhanush) and Rinku (Sara Ali Khan) are forcibly married off when they are in a mentally unstable state. After their wedding, they reveal to each other that they already have lovers. So they decide to get divorce and go off to their respective lovers. Just then, unexpected events await both.

Performances: Dhanush is at his charming best and delivered a heartwarming performance with excellence in emotional scenes. Sara Ali Khan is a surprise package. She has stood tall alongside Dhanush and delivered exactly what is expected out of her character. Akshay Kumar appears in a small yet important role and does a neat job. His character needed better writing considering how much importance it had. Apart from these three, Ashish Verma did well as Dhanush’s friend.

Analysis: One of the most important positive factor for this film is undoubtedly AR Rahman’s music. The soothing songs and the magical background score saved the film to a huge extent. The visuals too complimented well. Himanshu Sharma’s story is nothing new. It’s a usual triangular romantic drama with a twist. The predictability starts setting in very early in the film but the damage was controlled really well in the first half through the fun factor and breezy moments. However, in the second half, the film lost it’s momentum. The portions between Akshay Kumar and Sara Ali Khan are too hard to believe after a point and they felt stretched beyond limit. How did Dhanush fall so deeply in love with Sara? and how bad a past has Sara lived through? These two aspects needed more detailed writing to understand better about what the characters are going through but that was missing. There are some excellent individual scenes in the film which includes the feel-good climax but had the second half been handled better and had the Akshay-Sara track been written stronger, this film would have been something very memorable.

Plus Points:

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First half

Minus Points:

Weak emotional connect in Akshay-Sara’s portions

Few unconvicing scenes


Verdict: Despite some unconvincing moments and weak writing in the second half, Atrangi Re is watchable enough for it’s good performances, excellent music and a breezy first half. It will appeal more to those who can overlook certain cinematic liberties and connect with the characters and emotions.

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