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Review of Netflix series Little Things – Real and Relatble

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Little things is an Indian Web television series produced by Pocket Aces. First season of the series was premiered on Dice media’s YouTube channel but Season 2 and season 3 were premiered on popular OTT platform Netflix. It features Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar in lead roles.

Little things is a show that revolves around Dhruv Vats and Kavya Kulkarni, a couple in a liv-in relationship in Mumbai. Show showcases the little things that happen between them in their life. Dhruv Sehgal who played the male lead in this is the sole writer of whole series. Way back when season one of the show was premiered, web series were not so famous in India but still season went on to be a super Hit on YouTube.         People just fell in love with Dhruv and Kavya because of how real, relatable, Intimate and natural they feel.

Little Things Season One Trailer

Season one was premiered in October 2016 with five episodes with each episodes of length 15 minutes. Whole season showcases cute romantic relation between the live-in couple who are trying to make life and career in Mumbai. First season tend to be more positive with almost no story line that just revolves around the cute little moments that are experienced by a young couple in their daily life. It is more of similar to famous Telugu web series “Geetha Subrahmanyam. But Little things was the show which was premiered first. By the end of first season you will surely fall in love with this couple.

Little Things Season 2 Trailer

Coming to season 2 which was premiered on Netflix unlike season one. When they joined hands with Netflix, they surely knew that they can’t wind up another season without a proper storyline. As expected, they have upped the game in terms of story, script and even in budget. Season one was more of just show casing the romantic relation between the lead couple but season two is where they tried to portray the real problems and emotions that most of the live-in couple have. In first season there wasn’t much performance scope for actors but season two is more evolved and hence actors have more to play with. Show tends to go more on emotions where they try to show how a live-in couple life can be affected by external factors like their careers, friends and family. Lack of more recurring characters is surely a let down to the season as just watching only two people and minimal other characters for all 8 episodes averaging 22 minutes each with no comical mix is surely not so appealing. Some of the episode just feel like unnecessarily little stretched but both Mithila and Dhruv have given a superb performance and also there are many loving moments in each episode which makes it easily watchable.

Little Things Season three Trailer

Finally Season 3 was premiered in November 2019 on Netflix. After watching first two seasons one will start feeling like makers have covered almost all the aspects in a young couple life. But the most important phase of any couple either they are in live-in or just in a relation or just got married is Long distance relationship. Dhruv has to move to Bangalore but Kavya stays back in Mumbai and couple try to manage long distance relationship. Coming to writing, cinematography and screenplay this season seems to be much better than season 2. Unlike first two season where whole story revolved around only the lead cast, season three is where writer takes us deep into their lives where they travel back to their home, not Mumbai but their actual homes in Indore and Delhi respectively. They tried to show case comparison between how their lives were before they got together, how they are now and how they might be in future. First two seasons had a story which was mostly self-centered only between lead pair and minimal characters but in season three, we get to see more characters and makers have also tried to give more emotional touch to the story.

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There are few people who liked season one but didn’t like the other two seasons and vice versa. This is because of the approach makers have followed. For people who like to see only cute and romantic things in lead pair’s journey which is the base for season one, may not like the other two seasons which mostly go on an emotional note and are more story centric where director takes us through their journey. Also lack of comical mix and recurring characters will make viewers bored occasionally.

Show mainly focuses on the things that happen in every couple’s life. This is what made people fall in love with this show. Once you complete watching every season there will be at least couple of things that you can relate to your life. Is this the show only for people who are relation? Absolutely Not. Even if you are never in a relation you will surely get connected to the show. First season is directly available on YouTube with just five episodes and 15 minutes each. We highly recommend you to go watch the first season which will take less than 90 mins to binge watch whole season. After watching if you feel if this is your cup of tea then you will surely fall in love with whole series.

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If you have already watched the series let us know in the comment section below which season was you favorite in all three and why?

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