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Dark Series Review – Better than Money Heist? Spoiler-free!

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Dark is a German Sci-fi thriller web series which is set in a small town of Winden. This is the first German-language original series Netflix original. Although critics drew comparisons between another Netflix show, Stranger things initially but the way show went on has made those comparisons baseless.

Story begins in Autumn 2019 where a couple of boys goes missing. The whole series revolves around four families Kahnwald, Tiedemann, Nielson, and Dopler. Just after a couple of episodes director reveals there’s a wormhole beneath their small town, and it connects two different periods in history that are 33 years apart.

For the first half of the season, it is easy for the audience to follow the story as it revolves only between two times 2019 and 1986 but things get complicated when the story enters another timeline which is 33 years behind 1986, 1953.

Dark Season 1 Teaser

To be frank, after watching season 1 we won’t feel like we watched a masterpiece but that’s just a foundation to the whole story. But after watching season 2 one will realize that they just finished watching the best show ever made. Things get even more complicated in season two as the story leaps several months ahead in all three timelines and then two more timelines add up to the story, 1921 and 2053. Each and every episode of season 2 will shock in ways you never thought was possible. As we already mentioned it’s a spoiler-free review, We won’t reveal anything more than this.

Coming to casting, each and every character is perfectly cast and portrayed. Whoever is behind the casting of the show did an exceptional job. They manage to easily take us from one time period to the next with versions of characters that look the same. This is what made the viewers have clarity even though the story revolved in five timelines.

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Most of the movies or web series dealing with time series concepts have miserably failed as writers always failed to convince and provide the viewers with clarity. But Dark has none of those issues as it is perfectly crafted by writers. Unlike other time travel movies or shows, Darks weaves characters into a puzzling situation that viewers are meant to solve.

Dark Season 2 Trailer

The period clothing is absolutely amazing and so are cinematography and music. Every timeframe in the show is just flawless. There are some CGI effects used but they did not spoil the show by overusing it. They tried to use sets where ever needed instead of going away with CGI. This made it more realistic.

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One of the famous websites said that it’s not a show you watch but it’s a show you solve. If you ask people who watched both Dark and Stranger things which one is the best show majority are going to say with Dark.

Coming to the point, Is Dark better than Money Heist? We would say its tie. Both are thrillers that make the viewers stick to screens. But coming to script Dark is way more complicated than Money heist script and that’s where writers and directors deserve applause. If you haven’t watched Dark yet, we recommend you to give it a shot. You will surely fall in love with it.

If you already watched Dark, Stranger things and Money Heist let us know in the comments sections below which one did you like the most and why?

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