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AP exhibitors triumph over the government?

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It looks like the demands of the AP exhibitors might be met soon. The voluntary shutting down of the theatres in the state and demands to bring in a new G.O with more reasonable ticket prices might actually become a reality.

According to reports, the government is showing interest in resolving the issue after heavy pressure was created on them. Firstly, it would look to address the ticket rates of the lowest categories. This will be done to ensure the theaters can run self sufficiently.

Post this, there are reports of the government calling the Tollywood delegation to discuss various issues. These include the ticket prices and other issues such as extra show permissions.

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With a number of Tollywood biggies set to release in the coming days, producers are spending sleepless nights. The distributors and exhibitors are now under a new fear of theatre closures. Surprise inspections are being conducted across the state. Three theatres were shut down in Vizianagaram last week while Krishna district Joint Collector seized 15 theaters in the district for trivial reasons.

Till now over 100 theatres have been shut down across the state. Many more will be shut down from tomorrow. This protest by AP exhibitors seems to have worked and now due to mass closures of theatres, the government is seeking a mid ground and could possibly bring a new G.O.

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