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Yatra 2 Loss: A Staggering 40 Crores

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Films with political agendas often face a risky position at the box office. From a commercial standpoint, they require careful calculations to ensure they succeed and recoup their budgets. Many of these films are driven by political motives, with financial matters indirectly influenced by political parties, thereby minimizing their impact on other individuals.

In 2019, Balakrishna made a biopic on SR NTR, which turned out to be the biggest disaster in his career. The primary reason for this was the political agenda behind it, which didn’t capture people’s interest. Meanwhile, “Yatra,” made on a moderate budget, managed to perform well commercially, earning a theatrical share of over 10 crore. Its non-theatrical business also brought in significant revenue.

For “Yatra 2,” the budgets are reported to have more than doubled compared to the first part. The remuneration for the cast and crew alone is said to exceed 25 crore, with the total budget nearing 50 crore, including publicity and all expenses. However, the movie failed to generate buzz, and audiences showed little interest. It only managed to collect a theatrical share of 3 crore, even with significant backing from political leaders. The producers had to release the film independently as buyers showed no interest

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There isn’t much non-theatrical business for the film either. If we look at it from a commercial standpoint, like other films, Yatra 2 Loss could exceed 40 crore. However, these losses won’t affect individuals as the film primarily benefits a political party. Many more political agenda films are gearing up for release, such as “Rajadhani Files,” RGV’s “Vyooham,” and Nara Rohit’s “Pratinidhi 2.” But the audience doesn’t seem interested in these movies.

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