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What’s wrong with Varisu team – Everyone goes overboard

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Controversies do not seem to leave the Varisu team. Everyone from the film’s unit is going overboard be it the producer, director, and music director all have gone overboard during promotional interviews. Before the release of film, Producer Dil Raju raked a controversy by saying Vijay is the no1 and bigger star than Ajith.

While music director Thaman had over hyped this film’s every content, songs in social media giving over elevations to hero Vijay, and he even cried in the theater at the premier of the movie, which looked very staged.

Like that was not enough, Vamsi Paidipally reacted in a frustrated way in an interview regarding the trolls he received for the film. He may think that he made a classic, and he is not ready to accept the negative reviews, and he is giving lectures that they do a lot of sacrifices and hard struggle to entertain the audience.

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But one point Vamsi has to think that is he not doing for free, they have paid him crores of remuneration for the task he does. The team has delivered no blockbuster content or path breaking movie, it’s just an average movie with mixing several hit movies. That’s why netizens trolled the film right from the trailer.

Thalapathy Vijay’s stardom and Sankranti festival advantage have helped the film to put good numbers at the box office. The team of Varisu should understand that negative reviews and trolls are part and parcel of the film industry and should not overreact to the response if they don’t like it.

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