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Vijay targets Rajinikanth? Leo’s success meet sparks controversy

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Vijay targets Rajinikanth?: The fan war between Rajinikanth and Vijay fans always trending on social media. Both fandoms continuously fight over one thing the current no1 hero. Vijay fans say our is the number one currently Rajinikanth fans say our hero is the number one and only superstar of Kollywood. In Leo’s success meeting, it seems Vijay intentionally targets Rajinikanth.

In the Jailer audio launch event, Rajinikanth told a small story. The eagle always remains silent and the crows always make noise to disturb the eagle but the eagle ignores the crows and flies even higher. crows will not reach the heights that keep crowing. So ignore the negativity fly like a crow he meant.

Rajinikanth fans elevated the speech and Vijay fans consider it was triggered to them. From there Jailer breaks records, Leo releases and it also breaks records with this the fan wars are continuously happening. The Leo success meet happened yesterday, The first one who triggered Rajinikanth directly was Leo writer Ratna.

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Leo writer Ratna has said that no matter how high you soar hunger must bring down. The Vijay fans erupted in the stadium for this line as they knew it was a direct counter to Rajinikanth’s jailer speech. It started here with Vijay also taking the reference it goes a very big way.

Vijay tells a small story, two people went hunting in the forest. There were lions, tigers, crows, and eagles in the forest. At that time the crowd erupted in a very big way and Vijay smiled with his mannerisms for the fan’s response. Vijay fans and Rajinikanth fans both feel Vijay intentionally digs eagle and crow references. Vijay ended the story by saying a hunter targets a rabbit gets it and goes home another hunter targets an elephant but he went home to empty hand. But for me, the one who targets elephants is a great man and a great goal.

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Now this created a big controversy on social media and heathen the fan wars in a very big way. Both fandoms are feeling Vijay targets Rajinikanth. Vijay fans feel it was a counter to Rajinikanth’s speech he is the one who started this. Rajinikanth fans feel the Eagle Crow story is not at all intended about Vijay. The Leo team and fans took it the wrong way.

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