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The huge remunerations in Telugu film industry are killing the movie quality

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The production costs in the Telugu film industry have increased considerably over the last few years. What was once considered the budget of a full-length feature film is today equal to the marketing and promotions budget in many cases.

The trend of pan-India movies has further shot the budgets up with producers having to shell out 100s of crores for making movies. This has increased the risks and several producers are facing losses of 60- 100 crores on many films.

The heroes and directors are quoting record remunerations today a top hero is taking 100Cr remuneration and a star director is quoting in the range of 50Cr. The expense just for only the cast & crew of biggies in the Telugu film industry is crossing more than 150Cr for a producer. Due to this, some producers are now compromising on movie quality and scripts.

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Recently, several movies in the Telugu film industry have crossed the 200Cr -250Cr budget mark. Despite huge budgets, the audience is not getting the feel of watching a top-notch quality film, and especially the VFX is very poor in several of these films. The making cost of the film is getting dried up because of the huge remunerations and while huge money is spent on the movies, the audience can not feel the grandeur and have a great viewing experience.

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