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Thaman blames directors for poor music

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The Music Director blames directors for poor music. Bhagavath Kesari’s team, consisting of Thaman, Balakrishna, and Anil Ravipudi, gave an interview with director Bobby as an anchor for a part of the promotions. Thaman blames directors for poor music, and his words became viral on social media.

In the interview, Thaman said that everyone would quickly say that Music and BGM are wrong and negative to the film. But he stated that they need to understand that the director needs to establish solid emotions and songs for a piece of good music. How can any director compose good music if the emotion and scene are not strong? “Even if I have given excellent music for those scenes that do not work. Directors need to give a strong story emotion, and then good music will automatically come; Anil gave a good story for Bhagavath Kesari, so the BGM works, and the same with Akhanda and other movies he added. If there is no soul in the scene, music will not work,” he said. 

Thaman is currently occupied with several high-budget films. Trolls on Twitter have frequently targeted him, but he is also appreciated on a strong note when he delivers the best work. He gained a lot of respect for his work through films like Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo and Akhanda. Thaman has worked on Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Bhagavanth Kesari, and the movie is doing well. Thaman addressed the trolls during the film’s success meeting.

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” Bhagavanth Kesari earned me a lot of respect apart from success. This happens rarely. If I open Twitter, people troll everyone. They abuse without thinking. There are a lot of trends through hashtags. I thank Balakrishna Garu and Anil Ravipudi for the film. Thanks to Anil for picking up a message-oriented film with Balakrishna Garu and implementing it in the right manner. We do not need awards. The audience appreciating our attempt is the biggest award,” told Thaman.

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