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Telugu movie titles are one of the main reasons for recent film failures

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Titles are one of the most vital aspects of a movie. They give a peek into what the film could be or sometimes are based on the lead character’s name. However, in many recent cases, the Telugu movie titles have little to do with the movie’s plot or its characters and that is what creates confusion in the audience’s mind.

Movie titles are very crucial for the film for a few recent movies the title selections are very bad and which has affected the film very badly. Titles like Amigos, Hunt, The Ghost, and Godfather looked forced and lacked natural appeal. These titles along with many others in the recent past have impacted the buzz for the movie as the audience has no idea what to expect from the movie.

Telugu movies that bank on starpower can pull off a good theatrical run despite odd titles because of their leading stars. However, the makers of smaller films with tier 2 or tier 3 heroes need t be extremely careful and take a smart and safe approach when it comes to naming their films.

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