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Sree Leela – A Big Plus Point for Mass Commercial Films

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Sree Leela is a big plus Point for Mass Commercial Films. It is widely known that recently, actress Sree Leela became the latest sensation in the Telugu film industry with back-to-back successes, but soon she saw a flood of failures and was criticized for her film’s promotions. However, one cannot deny that Sree Leela is a big plus Point for Mass Commercial Films.

As said above, actress Sree Leela was criticized for her script selection. The criticism was correct because the Dhamaka actress did a few movies recently which did not have strong characterization and content. But her presence is a big plus point for mass movies as the heroes themselves taking the initiative of doing mass songs with big dances, which will always become a plus point for commercial films.

Even for Dhamaka movie’s success, songs, and dances were one of the top reasons. In Skanda also, mass songs worked well. However, films like Aadikeshava, Extra Ordinary Man did not have much impact despite having mass dance numbers because only songs cannot do anything if the movie’s content is worse to the core.

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In Guntur Kaaram the dances of Mahesh Babu and Sree Leela in Kurchi MadathaPetti song were also one of the main reason for movie’s box office numbers. Not only dance, but Sree Leela proved her acting skills in Balakrishna’s Bhagavanth Kesari and even in Guntur Kaaram also she does well.

The only one important thing is Sree Leela has to select some strong characters for her career but no one can deny that her presence is definitely helping the films as the heroes and directors are putting dance numbers which is making the Heroes to work hard to deliver mass hit songs which is a positive point for commercial films.

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