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Directors restricting Sree Leela to only dance numbers

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Directors are restricting Sree Leela to only dance numbers. It is widely known that over the recent years, actress Sree Leela has made a sensational impact with back to back successes, her cute looks and dance skills. Her first two films, Pelli SandaD and Dhamaka made her the most wanted heroine in the Telugu film industry. However, the actress could not continue the success or impact after her first two films as the directors restricted Sree Leela to only dance numbers.

Sree Leela is now facing the real heat and backlash from the audiences. Her recent film Aadikeshava was a big failure. Every film cannot be a success, and even the audiences also know this. So it’s not the result, but her characters are making Sree Leela face severe backlash from the audiences.

In the film, AadiKeshava Sree Leela got a weak characterization and less screen space. Even for Ram Pothineni’s Skanda the actress experienced the same criticism. Now in her latest film with Nithin, Extra Ordinary Man man also, Sree Leela has very less screen space. There are literally no good scenes for her to perform.

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It seems like the directors are casting Sree Leela only for dance numbers. Films like Skanda, Aadikeshava, and now Extra Ordinary Man consist heavy dance numbers as the Dhamaka actress is known for dance skills. Her dance and energy levels worked big in Dhamaka and Pelli SandaD.

So the directors are trying to do the same for their films without writing a strong character for the main lead heroine. This year, only one good thing happened for Sree Leela, and that is Balakrishna’s Bhagavath Kesari.

Director Anil Ravipudi has presented Sree Leela differently, and she delivered a good performance in Bhagavath Kesari as well. It can be said that it is only Sree Leela’s mistake to sign all the offers without thinking about her Characterisation or content, and that is why she has faced continuous failures. Sree Leela needs to learn lessons from these failures and select good scripts that can prove her acting caliber.

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