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Rangasthalam makers have missed a Golden opportunity

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Rishab Shetty’s Kantara is making a strong noise shortening the barriers upon the release of its dubbed versions. The movie is lauded by critics and audiences correspondingly. Terrific performances, gripping narration, and a fascinating belief make the film engrossing.

And after watching Kantara Telugu audience are feeling that there are a lot of similarities with the Telugu movie Rangasthalam. Seeing the BO performance of Kantara now everyone is feeling that if only the Rangasthalam makers had made it as a Pan-Indian film like Pushpa, it could have created huge revenue in other languages as per the latest trend.

As Rangasthalam has that raw and rustic nature, it wouldn’t have been limited to only one section of the audience and it also happens to be the best of Sukumar.

Audience and social media users are strongly believing that the makers of Rangasthalam have missed a golden opportunity.

Kantara film has some sparking similarities with Sukumar & Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam. Especially, Achyuth Kumar’s character is closely resembling the role of Prakash Raj role.

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As in Rangasthalam, Kantara is also a revenge drama. The protagonist Shiva’s brother gets killed by the village head Devendra and how he gets to know the truth and takes his revenge is the story of the film. But Kantara though has similarities with the story of Rangasthalam, has a rural God and worship theme which makes it different from Rangasthalam.

The audience has a feeling that emotions wise Rangasthalam had more strong characters and a gripping screenplay with a shocking twist. While Kantara’s movie scores well in the matter of scale, performance, and the honesty with which it’s made of.

Some netizens are terming Kantara as the Kannada industry’s Rangasthalam. Rishab Shetty, Sapthami Gowda, Achyuth Kumar, and Kishore are walking away with accolades for their impeccable performances.

The Telugu version is released by Geetha Arts this Saturday, and the film is drawing huge crowds to the theaters with the help of terrific word of mouth.

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