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Ram Gopal Varma tears into AP govt. Tweet by Tweet

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Ram Gopal Varma has been one guy who never shies away from expressing himself honestly. The maverick director has been quite vocal about the ongoing AP government ticket issue and has even compared Corona and the AP government in equal terms as the killers of the Film industry.

RGV attended a news debate with AP I& PR and Cinematography minister Perni Nani and made some strong points to which the minister had no reasonable response. The director then continued a barrage of tweets on the matter and has been tearing into AP government one tweet at a time.

Ram Gopal Varma made a series of Tweets towards Perni Nani addressing him in a sarcastic manner. He also advised the Tollywood fraternity to speak up atleast now on the issue or else it would be too late.

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RGV said that he studied the entire Cinematography act in detail and that it wasn’t mentioned in any place that the government can control the ticket prices. ‘You do not have any right to change ticket prices as per will,” he pointed out to the minister.

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