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Yet Another Big Star BioPic On Cards

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Nowadays in the Indian film industry, Biopics are trending like never before. Irrespective of languages, Many famous personalities stories are been pictured and big screens are ready to show their legacy. Cinema stars, Bussiness man, Politicians and Cricketers life stories are also been made into movies and presenting in front of audience, In response audience are also recognising them and knowing some of their unknown things that happened in their life. In recent times MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar movies made our Indian audience proud and India’s one of the Greatest Cricketer, who bought us our 1st World cup in Cricket History, He is none other than Kapil Dev, his Life and Legacy is now going to be shown on big screens within few months.
But these Biopics trend is creating some buzz around the Indian film audience and this is setting some standards in the Indian film industry. Biopics are also creating a huge impact by showing our forgotten heroes and famous personalities in big screens about their Greatness and their struggles which is unknown for this generation of people. Recently one of the famous Cricketer has also thought about his Biopic in some interviews. He is our Legendary Cricketer Yuvraj Singh. 
Yuvraj Singh in some interview has said that I have no problem to make my life story into a Biopic. He also stated that in his Biopic “Gully boy” fame Siddhanth Chaturvedi looks good for his character. If this news becomes a buzz in Indian film industry then which Director and Producer comes forward to present this iconic personality life story in big screens? As we know audience is encouraging and filmmakers are also interested in Biopics.Hope so we may get this Biopic in future, If that happens we can have a chance to see Yuvraj Singh’s Iconic Struggle and Legacy on the big screen.

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