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Ram Charan is rightly capitalising on the RRR craze with marketing skills

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Success in the industry is a combination of multiple factors. Gone are the days when just scoring a hit was enough for stardom. It’s not about only hard work, marketing is also very very important and Allu Arjun and Chiranjeevi are the best examples of this. Both Bunny and Chiranjeevi definitely put in all the hard work but they also combine it with smart marketing and publicity techniques to raise their brand. Now, Ram Charan is also following this route

A marketing and PR team is now working for Ram Charan with the goal to increase his brand appeal all over India. He is strategically doing all the things both movies selection-wise and off-screen as well.

Through his interviews and other PR activities, he is indirectly or directly capitalizing on the RRR market. Definitely, this will be a big plus for his next movies and we will surely get to see more coverage of Charan in national media in the coming days. Charan has also expressed Hollywood ambitions and his recent India Today and ABC News interviews are a definite indication that he is now eyeing things beyond Tollywood.

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Mega fans are now strongly campaigning for the ‘Global Star’ tag for Ram Charan and looking at his global popularity and inclination towards working in Hollywood, it won’t be surprising to see Ram Charan use this tag for his next movies.

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