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Ram Charan in Acharya, Rajinikanth in Lal Salaam: Creative Choices Backfire

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Before going into the shoot, “Acharya” was initially planned as a full-length film starring megastar Chiranjeevi, with just a small cameo by a big hero. Initially, director Koratala Siva considered Suriya or Mahesh Babu for the cameo. However, due to various reasons, the team eventually decided on Ram Charan. This change led to multiple script revisions, making Ram Charan’s role significant in the second half. These script changes during shooting caused disruptions, both creatively and commercially, contributing to the film’s potential failure.

Similarly, in “Lal Salaam,” director Aishwarya Rajinikanth initially planned a brief 10-minute cameo for Rajinikanth’s character, Moideen Bhai. However, due to Rajinikanth’s star power, several changes were made to accommodate his presence, including adding commercial elements like slow-motion and fight scenes. The entire screenplay was altered in the editing stage just two days before release, shifting Rajinikanth’s appearance to the first half of the film. Director Aishwarya Rajinikanth openly revealed these details.

Extending these cameo appearances led to significant changes in the original story, causing disruptions during shooting. If the cameos had been done by other actors or artists, the original story might have remained intact on screen, likely yielding better results. Both in terms of box office performance, the cameos by Ram Charan and Rajinikanth failed to make the desired impact

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