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DARK Season 3 Review – Spoiler Free!

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Released On: June 27, 2020
Streaming On: Netflix
Season: 3
No Of Episodes: 8
Rating: 4.5/5

If Season 1 and 2 seemed complex, then the third and final season is here to touch new peaks of complexity and puzzle our brains with dozens of doubts and confusions. Season 2 ended with Martha arriving from another world to save Jonas from the apocalypse.

Dark Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 continues exactly from where Season 2 ended and takes us to an alternate world where the same 4 families (Kahnwald’s, Nielsen’s, Doppler’s, Tiedemann’s) exist but only with different relationships, secrets and responsibilities. Their look and styling are also slightly modified to differentiate them from their appearances in the other world. As we know from previous seasons, there are two time-traveling groups, one led by Adam (elder Jonas) and the other by Claudia Tiedemann, both seeking an end to this never-ending cycle of life, death and sufferings. These two groups believe in two different approaches to put an end to this infinite loop. Who among them is correct and how did they finally manage to end the cycle and bring back the lives they wanted to live forms the story of Season 3. Revealing anything more about the story would be a mistake and would spoil the viewing experience and so it’s better to stop at that. The characters are the same from the previous season with an addition of just 2 or 3 new faces. In seasons 1 and 2, we just had to deal with different timelines in a single world but now we have to keep track of the timelines, happenings and relationships in two different worlds.

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Dark Season 1&2 Family Tree

Episode 1 of season 3 makes for a brilliant start and introduces us to the alternate world and allows us to get used to it. Episode 2 and 3 are slow-paced compared to the rest of the episodes and show us the progress of all characters in both worlds. Things start becoming more complex than ever. Episode 4, with some major revelations starts raising the heat and then there’s no looking back. Episodes 5,6 and 7 are incredibly engaging and add to the already existing suspense and confusion but also give answers to a few important questions. The season finale (Episode 8) makes for a perfect ending and pretty much answers all our questions and doubts from all seasons and episodes and creates a very satisfying end to this brilliant series.

All characters performed incredibly well in this season thereby improving our connectivity with Winden. Louis Hoffman as Jonas and Lisa Vicari as Martha Nielsen are the two most important characters and their performances are totally convincing. Also, the characters of Claudia Tiedemann, HG Tannhaus, Bartosz Tiedemann, Egon Tiedemann, Noah, Hannah Kahnwald and Charlotte Doppler in particular have been developed well and bear much more importance than we expected.  

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Season 3 is technically a notch higher compared to the first two seasons. The only slight disappointment was that the haunting background score was not used that effectively in this season. Coming to the writers of this show, their work is absolutely world-class and sets a new benchmark for science-fiction and time-travel shows. Even scientists and experts in physics would be impressed with the concepts used in this show and the detailing given to them. It requires years of dedicated concentration, background research, conceptual knowledge and excellent coordination with co-writers to come up with something as intelligent and complicated as this and yet deliver it in the best understandable way possible to the viewers. Baran bo Odar, the director and creator of the show can be proud of his final outcome and his work is sure to inspire a lot of screenwriters and directors across the globe.

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On a whole, Season 3 reaches and surpasses all expectations and makes for a great binge-watch. No matter how many theories and predictions we make, it will continue surprising us at every step and leaves room for hours of discussion on completion. DARK is undoubtedly one of the best shows of this era and something Netflix can be proud of.

Surely, Winden and it’s people will be missed.

Rating: 4.5/5

PS: If you haven’t started watching Dark yet, it is advisable to watch all three seasons simultaneously as even the tiniest details in the first 2 seasons play an important role in the final season.

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