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Producers banned Suresh Kondeti, and critics removed his position

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Producers banned Suresh Kondeti, and critics removed his position. Recently, Suresh Kondeti made actors, technicians, and producers of all four languages of the South uncomfortable at the Santosham Film Awards ceremony, and strict action against him has become inevitable as he brought a bad name to the Telugu film industry. Producers banned Suresh Kondeti, and critics removed his position.

The Santosham Film Awards Ceremony was held a few days ago in Goa. Suresh Kondeti, producer, PRO, and head of Santosham magazine, has been giving these awards in the name of Santosham for the past few years. However, this year’s awards ceremony not only created a lot of confusion but also caused all the Kannada film celebrities, other language actors, and technicians who came to the ceremony to suffer a lot. 

Lack of proper amenities, lack of necessities like food and water, and the fact that women were particularly intimidated by the situation has worsened the image of Suresh Kondeti. Producers banned Suresh Kondeti, and critics removed his position.

It was learned that all the guests at the awards ceremony were humiliated. The Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce said that Suresh Kondeti, who attended the ceremony, walked out of the award ceremony in the middle. Producer Damodar Prasad also said in the statement that he had safely sent some celebrities back to their homes at his own expense. It was also learned that people like Allu Aravind, a top producer, did not like how it happened there.

Suresh Kondeti’s behavior angered Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce and Telug Producers Council

It is learned that the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce and the Telugu Producers Council have given a notice to Suresh Kondeti seeking his first explanation as the awards ceremony has brought a bad name to the Telugu film industry due to some false propaganda made by Suresh Kondeti. Suresh Kondeti, however, admitted that it was confirmed that there were errors in the ceremony but stated there was nothing wrong with him.

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Suresh Kondeti did not properly reply to the notices or even apologize. The producers’ council and the film chamber wanted to change his style of functioning and discussed the matter in their respective executive meetings.

A few days ago, after a discussion in the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce and producers’ council, everyone unanimously decided to expel Suresh Kondeti.

T Prasanna Kumar, the Telugu Producers Council’s general secretary, said Suresh Kondeti has been formally expelled from the Producers Council and the Telugu Film Chamber. Now that he is no longer a member of anything, as a producer or member of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, it has been learned that none of the concessions he has received so far will come to him from now on. Suresh Kondeti also has been expelled by the Film Critics Association.

Suresh Kondeti’s case is still pending in New Zealand as Vishnu Manchu, president of the Movie Artists Association, is busy shooting for his film ‘Kannappa’ in New Zealand. Once Vishnu Manchu arrives in Hyderabad, a decision on what action to take against Suresh Kondeti will be accepted. There is also a possibility of him being expelled from the Movie Artists Association (MAA).

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