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Guntur Kaaram leaks: Another dance bit video trending on the internet

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Guntur Kaaram leaks continue as another dance bit leaked video is trending on the internet. While Superstar Mahesh Babu fans eagerly awaited the second single of the film, which is expected to be released in a week, they were shocked by a new video from the Guntur Kaaram leaks series.

Star-hero films typically have strict set regulations to prevent premature leakage of content. Mahesh Babu and Trivikram’s Guntur Kaaram is going through the same outcome, but the team needs to react correctly.

Guntur Kaaram continues to receive new leaks daily. Many working location photos and videos of Mahesh have already been released on social media. A bit from Dum Masala Song was already leaked a few months ago, and today, another video from the song where Mahesh is practicing the dance step has been trending on the internet.

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No other star hero film has experienced such a high rate of illicit leaks on social media. Recently, the makers of Project K quickly initiated legal action and warned the culprits of severe consequences if they leaked the content.

However, despite the constant leaks, affirmative actions from the team Guntur Kaaram have yet to be taken. The team seems to have given up on the leaks and is no longer paying attention. While one section of the fans is happy to see their favorite hero’s dance footage, even if it is unauthorized, the other section worries about the Guntur Kaaram leaks.

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