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Producer Abhishek’s reputation and brand suffer due to consecutive missteps

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Producer Abhishek Nama has made suffer his own brand and reputation due to consecutive missteps in the recent days. It is widely known that Hero Vijay Deverakonda announced 1Cr donation to families in Kushi film’s success meet. That is when, in an unexpected turn, Abhishek asked Vijay to cover the losses of his previous film World Famous Lover.

Producer Abhishek claimed that they also lost Rs 8 crores due to this movie, but no one responded to it. And as Vijay is donating money to 100 families, on the twitter handle of Abhishek Pictures requested some attention towards those who lost money on his film.

This remark was severely criticized by Vijay’s fans as well as other X users. Many claimed this was made in bad taste and the only objective of this post was to tarnish Vijay’s image.

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Abhishek unnecessarily asked to cover the WFL’s losses to Vijay in a wrong situation, and he even asked the wrong person because the hero is not responsible to cover the losses and Vijay Deverakonda’s father said that Vijay had received only half of the remuneration for that film.

Within in no time, Abhishek got involved in a new controversy about Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s upcoming film Devil, as he changed the name of the director when the new director Naveen had almost completed the film and even if any differences had come between them, removing the director name is absolutely wrong as there should be some amicable steps to sort out the issues. With these back 2 back mistakes, now the production house’s reputation got damaged.

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Abhishek Pictures entered production last year after distributing several major films. Presently, the production house is occupied with 5 projects that are in various stages of production. 

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