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Pallavi Prashanth fans attack Amardeep’s car

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Pallavi Prashanth fans attack Amardeep’s car. It is widely known that social media influencer “Raithu Bidda” Pallavi Prashanth emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7. However, after the finale episode, the fans of Pallavi Prashanth went overboard and attacked co-contestant Amardeep’s car while he was leaving the studio.

This is ridiculous and immature behavior from Pallavi Prashanth fans. They should understand that it is just a game show, and everyone has strategies to gain popularity. Amardeep is said to be safe, and no injuries happened to him, but this was a ridiculous behavior by Prashanth’s fans.

Amardeep and his family were present in the car at that time. During the unfortunate incident, Amar’s, Ashwini’s, and Geethu’s (ex-Bigg Boss Contestant and YouTuber) cars were also damaged. Pallavi Prashanth fans attack Amardeep’s car and amuse everyone with their act.

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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Finale – A Grand episode

The seventh season of Bigg Boss entertained the viewers for 15 weeks and ended with a grand finale episode last night. The former contestants and some celebrities came and entertained the audience with their dance performances. Overall, the episode was great and entertaining.

Pallavi Prashanth wins the Bigg Boss Telugu 7

It is known that six contestants have emerged as the finalists of the seventh season of Bigg Boss. Ambati Arjun was the first to get eliminated. Priyanka Jain also left after that. Prince Yavar took the money and withdrew from the competition. Later, Shivaji was also eliminated at the third place. In the end, Pallavi Prashanth emerged as the winner. Amardeep remained as Runner up.

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Pallavi Prashanth Vs Amardeep Chaudhary

Fans of Pallavi Prashanth and Amardeep Chaudhary gathered at Annapurna Studios in hundreds for the grand finale episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7. When the episode ended and the winner was announced, they all started arguing outside. At that time, an argument broke out between Prashanth and Amardeep’s fans. All of them formed two groups and fought hard.

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