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No promotional campaign for Salaar trailer

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There is no promotional campaign for the Salaar trailer. Usually, the trailers of big films will be launched at a big event, or makers will try to release them in theaters massively, or at least they will hold a simple press meeting with all the star cast, but nothing such attempt is happening for Salaar. The makers of Salaar are keeping everything regarding the trailer a secret.

The trailer will be directly released online on the evening of the 1st of December. There is no promotional campaign for the Salaar trailer. The team is not hyping the trailer’s release launch, and it did not unveil any new posters of Prabhas or other characters. 

The team may feel that the trailer cut will create the required buzz for the film. The trailer cut is significant for the movie to create a massive craze in all languages, and at such a crucial time, it is surprising that there is no promotional campaign for the Salaar trailer.

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On December 22nd, Salaar, the most anticipated movie of the year, will be released. On December 1st, the trailer is set to enthrall fans and audiences, and it is essential to witness how it delights everyone. 

Director Prashanth Neel has recently revealed that Salaar is a story about two good friends who eventually become their fiercest enemies and the circumstances that caused them to become enemies. The tale of Salaar Part 1: Cease Fire will solely focus on the friendship bond that evokes strong emotions. Prashant Neel promised that Salaar would have a deeply emotional story.

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