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No overflows for Vijay’s Varisu – Dil Raju’s calculation goes wrong

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Dil Raju wouldn’t be a cheerful person present, as his calculations went wrong with Varisu. He sold the film’s Tamil version to other parties in all territories, and released the Telugu version on his own. Because of over budget, he didn’t make big profits with this film, and he thought the overflows of Tamil version and the massive collections in Telugu will give profits to him, but both his calculations gone wrong.

Varisu in Tamil is yet to reach the breakeven point in many territories, Today the festival holidays are over, so he cannot expect the overflows and indeed the break-even level too looks tough now.

Even from the Telugu version Vaarasudu too the film’s revenue is low and only thanks to overflows of Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy, the film has been saved.

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The film didn’t continue the stable run and witnessed a a significant drop in bookings now, mostly today will be the last good day for the film in Telugu States. So overall in Telugu also the film has not generated huge revenue for Dil Raju.

Dil Raju, One of the top producers in the Telugu Film Industry, was the center of attraction for many controversies regarding the theaters’ allocation for Sankranthi releases. They mainly accused him of giving first preference to the film Varisu/Vaarasudu because he’s the producer of the movie.

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