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Niharika Konidela ventures into film production

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Niharika Konidela ventures into film production. November 10, 2023 marked the start of the highly anticipated production by Mega Princess Niharika Konidela, which was appropriately named” Niharika Konidela Production No 1”. Under the banners of Pink Elephant Pictures LLP, Sri Radha Damodar Studios Production No.1, the film was formally launched.

The film cast includes Sandeep Saroj, Yashwanth Pendyala, Trinath Varma, Prasad Behera, Easwar Rachiraju, Manikanta Parasu, Lokesh Kumar Parimi, Shyam Kalyan, Raghuvaran, Shivakumar Matta, Akshay Srinivas, Saranya Suresh, Tejaswi Rao, Vishika, Shanmukhi Nagumantri and others.

The event was attended by Niharika’s brother, Varun Tej, who had just got married. He came with his wife Lavanya Tripathi, and father Nagababu, among others. The event was further enriched by the presence of seasoned producer and uncle Allu Arvind, the promising director Sai Rajesh, and the adorable pair of daughters of Rajshekar, Sivathmika and Shivani Rajshekar. Niharika Konidela ventures into film production with a grand ceremony.

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The event was attended by Sushmita Konidela, Niharika’s cousin sister and fellow producer, and Sushanth Anumolu, as well as other prominent industry figures. The event was truly spectacular, with every guest contributing a touch of glamour and charisma to the occasion.

The celebration ended with a traditional Pooja ceremony that brought joyous claps to the air, as Niharika Konidela ventures into film production.

Women wore elegant yet straightforward sarees, while men opted for a dapper look in shirts to complete the ensemble’s fusion of traditional and casual attire. The official beginning of this cinematic journey was signified by the ceremonial clapping of Niharika’s brother, Varun Tej, taking center stage to add a personal touch to the event. The evening was not only about launching a movie, but also about celebrating talent, family, and the energetic spirit of filmmaking.

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