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Salaar Hindi distributors booking theatres aggressively, causing trouble for Dunki

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Salaar and Dunki’s clash on December 22nd has become the most anticipated one of this year. Fans are waiting with massive expectations on both these projects and it needs to be seen which film will emerge victorious in this big clash. Meanwhile, this clash is taking quite an interesting turn with team Salaar making its first inroads.

Salaar’s distributors are locking a huge number of theatres in Hindi belts. In South belts, there’s no worry anyway as there are no bigger films releasing at that time. Salaar will have big number of theatres. AA Films are distributing Salaar in Hindi and the same distributors releasing Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal. So, the distributors are aggressively making the deal for both films. If any theatre owners are interested to allot the theatres for one, they have to do for the other film is what the condition is.

If the exhibitors want to showcase Dunki, then they won’t be provided Animal and this is the condition from AA films that has put exhibitors in a great dilemma. Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal has a massive hype and craze in the north and the recently released teaser has further heightened the expectations. No one wants to miss out on Animal and this might work to Salaar’s advantage.

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