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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 69: Shivaji and Gautam Krishna get into a big argument

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In the 69th Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the main part of the episode was the heated and aggressive argument between Shivaji and Gautam Krishna during the captaincy task. Apart from that, Pallavi Prashanth and Rathika Rose met their family today.

Before that‌, the 69th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 started with Raamulo Raamula from Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo. Then, there was a small fight between Prince Yawar and Priyanka Jain regarding the Kitchen work. Then BB summoned everyone into the garden house.

As a part of Deepavali celebrations, Bigg’s boss sent the jewelry from Joyalukkas. After that, Rathika Rose’s father, Ramulu, entered the house. He had a good time with the housemates. The BB gifted the family photo of Rathika; soon after, her father left the house. All housemates danced to DJ Tillu’s song before he left the house.

The ” BB College task ” continued with a few fun moments as housemates imitated each other. Prashanth was not eating anything as his family members did not arrive. Then  Pallavi Prashanth’s father, Satyanarayana, entered the house.

Both father and son had an emotional moment. Bhole sang a song dedicated to Satyanarayana. He told his son to play his game with more focus. Finally, he left the house.

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Then, in the 69th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the BB gave a new Captaincy task named ” Oh Baby “. As a part of the task, the housemates were told to take a baby doll with the name of a fellow member and run towards the Baby zone. 

Amar could not pick up any doll and alleged that Gautam had snatched the doll from his hands. Shobha Shetty, the existing Captain of the house, was the first to be eliminated, as no one picked up the doll with her name. Prashanth got out in the second round.

Amar took Yawar’s baby doll and did not enter the baby zone. He tried to break the plan of Arjun, Gautam, and Yawar. Yawar got out in the third round.

Again, Amar wantedly stopped and did not enter the baby zone, and Rathika got stuck because of him. Rathika requested that Amar enter the baby zone as he had the baby doll with her name on it.  At first, he rejected her but finally accepted her request as she pleaded with him. Eventually, Amar was eliminated from the Captaincy task in the fourth round.

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Next, Rathika was eliminated as nobody picked up her baby doll. After that, Ashwini, Priyanka, and Bhole were eliminated from the task. At last, Shivaji, Gautam, and Arjun were left. Shivaji took Gautam’s doll, and the latter was eliminated. 

Gautam blamed Shivaji; he knowingly took his baby doll and stopped. Both had a big argument and yelled at each other. Shivaji accused Gautam of doing all this just for attention. Gautam was frustrated and asked Bigg Boss to open the door to leave the house.

Finally, in the 69th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Arjun and Shivaji were the contenders for the Captaincy task. 

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