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Mythri Movie Makers lose crores

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After the blockbuster success of Hanuman, Prashant Varma managed to create his mark at the pan-India level. Impressed by the young director’s vision, Bollywood star Ranveer Singh showed good interest in working with him. Since Prashant Varma had scripts of massive scale, Mythri Movie Makers were brought on to bankroll the project

The pre-production works were completed and a promo shoot was also done for the announcement. Somehow, the project has been shelved due to some unknown reasons. Due to this, Mythri Movie Makers have lost a substantial amount to the range of Rs 20 crores.

Initially, media reports suggested that this maiden collaboration between Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma would be titled “Rakshas” and was scheduled to go on floors in July. The film was described as a period film set in the Pre-Independence Era with a mythological backdrop, and Ranveer’s character was rumored to have shades of grey.

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As fans eagerly await more updates, it remains to be seen who will take on the lead role in “Rakshas” and how Prasanth Varma will bring his vision to life.

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