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Movie’s buzz and business impacted by poor promotional content

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Normally for good combinations, such as a hero-director with a successful track record, the business will be closed right at the time of the movie announcement. The buyers will offer huge amounts at announcement time only by paying the minimum advances as they trust the combo to create great buzz even before the movie release.

However, when the promotional content turns out to be sub-par, the same buyers start asking for negotiations and a few buyers even walk out from the business by taking the advance in return. This has emerged as a major problem for the producers who are struggling to get the business closed even for big combos. This has become a recurring trend with several recent films and will continue for many upcoming films as well.

Directors and the entire team should understand the value of solid promotions and must not take the audience as well as the buyers for granted. They need to think multiple times before releasing any kind of promotional content.

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This applies especially to teasers and singles as they have the power to make or break the movie’s hype. There have also been situations where just one good song was enough to create a huge buzz and led to good openings for small films. This should be the priority of the makers rather than focussing on other unnecessary elements in their movies.

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