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Mega fans blaming Rajamouli’s son on NTR for Oscars

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The blame game between Mega fans and NTR fans is not over yet. During the RRR’s Oscar promotions in USA, most of the web media had written NTR’s performance need to be considered for Oscars. Now the Mega fans complain that it was a paid campaign run by Rajamouli son Karthikeya who is a fan of NTR.

According to Mega fans, Karthikeya desperately done this paid campaign for NTR because he did not get the appreciations like Ram Charan in India for RRR for his performance.

Mega fans and NTR fans are having a continuous fight since the RRR movie’s release. Both the fan bases are hellbent to prove that their Hero is the major lead, other hero’s contribution is less in the film’s success.

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Both fan groups are creating fan wars by trolling each other without realizing that they’re demeaning their heroes’ efforts and RRR film’s international reach. Instead of being happy that their favorite heroes have received so much goodwill from RRR, they’re indulging in silly fan wars.

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