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Hunt movie review: Decently executed cop thriller that leaves you wanting more

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Movie: Hunt
Rating: 2.5/5
Cast: Sudheer Babu, Srikanth, Bharath
Director: Mahesh Surapaneni
Produced By: V Ananda Prasad
Release Date: 26th January 2022

Sudheer Babu’s Hunt is the latest movie to hit the screens this week. Directed by Mahesh Surapaneni, this remake of Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Mumbai Police also stars Srikanth Meka and Bharath Niwas in significant roles. Let’s see if the movie managed to thrill the audience.

Story: ACP Arjun Prasad (Sudheer Babu), a friend of ACP Aryan Dev (Premisthe Bharath), begins an investigation to solve the latter’s murder mystery. Arjun makes the decision to meet Commissioner Mohan soon after solving the case ( Srikanth). At this point, Arjun suffers a terrible mishap and forgets his past. How will Arjun remember the specifics of killing Aryan Dev later? Who is the true offender? The key question is how Arjun will approach the matter.

Performances:  Look wise, nothing much has changed in Sudheer Babu. The actor performs well in action scenes but it is the emotional scenes where his weakness comes out. Bharath has got a key role in the film and while he has a small role, his presence can be felt throughout Srikanth gets a substantial role and is dependable as ever as a police commissioner. Mounika Reddy and Chitra Shukla are well-cast and do justice to their characters.

Analysis: While it’s admirable that director Mahesh Surapaneni wanted to create a gripping cop drama, his story lacks interesting passages. The interesting premise is let down by poor writing. The execution fails to create the necessary impact that a movie of this genre needs. While the movie starts well, the proceedings start to grow dull and uninteresting as it progresses. If only the second half was created in an engaging and engrossing manner, the outcome might have been fantastic.

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Plus Points:

  • Casting
  • Core concept
  • Sudheer Babu and Srikanth

Minus Points:

  • Second Half
  • Dull Screenplay
  • Lack of gripping execution


Hunt could be a tediously long experience for those not into cop dramas. Except for the climax, which has been executed well, the film lacks the liveliness to hold one’s attention. Give it a try if you enjoy thrillers and have loads of patience, but keep your expectations in check.

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